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Angel Baby Plaque

Angel Baby Plaque

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This beautiful wooden plaque is a tender tribute to a precious little one who left too soon. The delicate image of a baby with angel wings, crafted in acrylic, offers comfort and reassurance that your child is safe in the arms of love.

A heartfelt gift for those who have experienced the loss of a baby, this plaque serves as a reminder of the love and connection that forever remains.

May this plaque bring solace and remind you that your little one is always with you in spirit and in heart.

This description aims to be sensitive and compassionate, acknowledging the pain of losing a baby while offering a message of comfort and hope.

This plaque can be personalised to a specific message you would like, or can keep the message in picture. 

Please let me know at checkout or message me on Instagram the name etc you would like 

The size of this plaque is 24cmx24cm

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