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Little Clover Co.

Santa Claus Boot Stencil

Santa Claus Boot Stencil

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Bring magic into your house this Christmas. 
Add to your little ones memories, leave a trail of footprints and let their imagination run wild!

To use – simply lay the stencil flat on the ground and sprinkle your choice of powdered substance, whether it be flour or glitter to imitate magical footprints or snow from Santa’s boots, the choice is yours!

These stencils are made from 4mm timber. Designed to last for many Christmas’ 

Due to the nature of the material used, the grain and appearance of each finished product is unique and may vary.


These are not a toy. Please supervise when children are handling. If items need to be cleaned, please use a damp cloth and wipe. Do not use harsh cleaning products as it will damage the wood.


All orders are designed and crafted in our home. Each piece is finished by hand and packed carefully with care.
Please allow 3-5 days for us to create, make, finish and pack your order. 

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